The Flame

Being in a relationship is hard. Falling for someone is even harder. The thrill of feeling this feeling, so alive and warm inside your heart is almost magical. Its like a never ending flame, burning for all eternity, crashing into you and changing your life forever. Yet sometimes, it doesn’t work out. Have you ever experienced that? Heartbreak, feeling like the world comes crashing down on top of you. The flame burns out, and your life plunges into darkness. Pouring your heart out to someone, only to find out they don’t even care enough to send a proper reply. It’s a story that happens sometimes, and it hurts.

Valium Online Uk Review The pain of a heartburn is more painful than anything.

The Flame is beautiful, exciting, adventurous, magical, lively, powerful. But sometimes it burns you, and all you’re left with, are battle scars. -Ali xxx