Hello. My name is Ali. That isn't my real name, but I would like to remain anonymous  until I feel like it is time to reveal my identity.

I am a middle school student, and even though I may seem young, I have been through a lot. I have seen, heard and even felt things that someone my age should never have to go through. But that's why I have decided to start a blog, where I post advice, and life lessons that I have learned throughout my life so far. These stories that I will write about are stories that I have always wanted to share, and I really hope that YOU can take the advice I am giving you into your own life, and maybe even slay some demons.

Even if not many people may be reading this, I really hope that my words make it into your heart, and that I am able to help you through difficult times. And maybe, one day you will even be able to help me through mine;)

Ali xxx